Warehouse roofs are ideal locations for Solar Panels.

Until recently roofs were a cost not an asset. Most warehouse roofs can be used to host Solar Panel installations. Current legislation and market economics can provide building owners with an inflation proofed, Government backed return of 15%.  Want to learn more? Read on.

Distribution & Warehouses

Like all businesses the distribution sector has been hard hit by increases in energy costs.

Warehouse roofs are a valuable asset that can generate returns in excess of 16%.   Government guaranteed and inflation proofed revenues are available for the entire 20 year life of a solar PV installation on warehouse and distribution centre roofs. Most roofs are suitable and even a modest warehouse could be generating £50,000 in income and savings per year.

Benefits include substantial savings on on-site energy use; the generation of cheap electricity and reduction in carbon foot prints and associated carbon taxes.

A typical roof may support a 260kW system generating £960,000 of lifetime savings and income.



Solar PV Partners help you create and manage your renewable energy!

Our Solar PV Partners are the country's leading designers, project managers and installers of medium to large scale solar PV systems. We improve our clients financial and environmental performance through maximisation of renewable power generation, often including efficient energy storage systems.