Bulk Energy Storage

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 Bulk Storage Systems
Bulk Energy Storage for Large-Scale Applications
Aquion’s modular, scalable batteries are designed for large-scale energy storage systems and offer flexibility in configuration options.

High Density Racking

Aquion's M-Line Battery Modules have the footprint of a standard pallet, making them compatible with most high-density racking systems. The M-Line Modules are scalable for a wide range of interior configurations. This enables Aquion and its partners to design and deploy large systems in a way that optimizes space and leverages existing logistics infrastructure.

Aquion's systems are based on proprietary Aqueous Hybrid Ion (AHI™) technology which delivers a unique combination of performance, safety, and sustainability in a cost-effective battery system.

Key Battery Characteristics

High Performance: Avoid costly downtime and battery replacements

  • Very high cycle life at 100% DoD
  • Extremely abuse tolerant
  • Ability to stand at partial state of charge
  • Self-balancing
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Minimal degradation

Unparalleled Safety: Inherently safe chemistry

  • Not flammable, explosive, or corrosive
  • No dangerous or toxic components

Sustainable: Simple, abundant, nontoxic materials

  • Environmentally benign materials
  • No corrosive acids or noxious fumes
  • Suitable for deployment globally

Excellent Economics: Industry-leading total cost of ownership

  • Low acquisition costs ($/kWh)
  • Better value than lead acid or lithium ion
  • No regular maintenance
  • No thermal management
  • No active management required

* Information subject to change without notice.

Solar PV Partners help you create and manage your renewable energy!

Our Solar PV Partners are the country's leading designers, project managers and installers of medium to large scale solar PV systems. We improve our clients financial and environmental performance through maximisation of renewable power generation, often including efficient energy storage systems.