Turn your campus into a solar school.

Very few investment opportunities provide the mix of low risk and high return offered by renewable energy projects.


Sparsholt College

Solar PV Partner projects at Basingstoke College of Technology and Sparsholt College are taking advantage of generating their own solar power. 

In June 2016, Solar PV Partners completed a 620kWp PV installation at Sparsholt College (the largest school installation in the country) and in April, 2013, we installed a 100kWp system at Basingstoke College of Technology with our local partner, Basingstoke Energy Services Coop, which is now the second largest school installation in Hampshire.

Basingstoke College of Technology

Financial Benefits

As the financial benefits are clear, several colleges are now using their solar panel installations as a means of demonstrating their commitment to a greener future. Solar panels also provide an excellent shield against solar heating.  The shading effect reduces air conditioning costs as well also providing a more comfortable learning environment.

Solar PV - An educational tool and a public statement

There is no stronger public display of a school's commitment to the future than roof mounted solar panels. This attracts both parents and pupils. A solar panel system can be used as an educational tool.  Students and pupils can use the installation as a test bed for design and operation of renewable generation systems. Solar PV Partners works with educational clients to provide the tools required to to maximise the educational benefits. We are willing to work with local colleges in providing lectures on renewable energy and provide the tools to enable system performance to be shown during lessons and on the school's website.

Solar PV Partners help you create and manage your renewable energy!

Our Solar PV Partners are the country's leading designers, project managers and installers of medium to large scale solar PV systems. We improve our clients financial and environmental performance through maximisation of renewable power generation, often including efficient energy storage systems.